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A short introduction of myself, I’m a former Royal Marines Commando who served 5 years from the age of 17 years old. This is where my fitness background stemmed from, being part of an elite infantry unit meant being physically and mentally strong and conditioned was very important.

I’ve carried a lot of these fundamentals over into the fitness industry helping 100s of clients to date.

After my time in the military I studied in Bristol in the UK to become a fully qualified personal trainer, working 1-1 with many different people in the UK, New York and Dubai.

More recent years I’ve competed at a high level with bodybuilding earning professional status in PCA and competing as a top level amateur in IFBB. I’ve helped many people achieve their dream physique and win multiple competitions and even pro status.

Now as a coach working 1-1 and online with over 8 years of experience I have a large range of capabilities from sports, endurance/marathon training, injury recovery, bodybuilding and general lifestyle based training programs.