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I saw toby on my instagram and i noticed straight away that he has an awesome physique and I decided to contact him to start a collaboration with him for my upcoming shows and helping me out to bring my best condition on stage. He contact me within minutes saying that he would be really happy to work with me and i was so excited to start this journey with him. Now that I’m already one of Toby’s athletes i can only say that he’s doing an amazing job on me , and i can see big difference/changes on my physique. He listen and he’s always there for you if you need help and that’s what an athlete need from a coach support/motivation.

I’m very glad to have Toby as my mentor/coach and I believe that Toby will bring the best out of me on stage next year.

Ken Frando

Working with Toby has been a great experience, and the results have been amazing! Toby has been great in helping me get my nutrition in order, and has been super flexible in accommodating foods I like. Also the workout plans have been fantastic.

Aaron Miller

It’s very important to work with a coach with high intellect; only then do they have the ability to recognize that each client is unique, with very unique needs. For me personally, that Toby respects how my work is especially challenging makes me trust him. Furthermore, he doesn’t scoff at my ambitious physique goals, but rather, is patiently working with me to achieve them, even when I may want to self sabotage.

Excited to see what I can achieve with Toby!

Kiran I

Working with Toby for the last few months has helped me go from a pretty good physique, to one I thought I’d never be able to achieve. His knowledge of health and fitness is exactly what I needed to get to the next level.

Adrian Ace James