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I wanted to talk about lagging body parts

Most people actually have body parts that struggle to grow as much as others

The best thing?

Everybody’s lagging body part is different

Some people have a great chest, legs, back but struggle to grow their arms!

Others have great arms and legs but struggle to develop a big, thick back or chest.

I’m not sure what lagging body parts you have but here are a few tips to help you develop those muscles and bring them up to speed!

More Frequency

You have to give your lagging body parts as much—if not more—attention than any other body part. At first, train your lagging body parts more frequently than you do the rest of your body—but with less volume per training session. Instead of training them once a week, train them 2-3 times a week.

More Volume

After you’ve consistently increased frequency you can now begin to increase the volume aka the amount of sets and reps you do in each of your sessions. If it isn’t growing you need to challenge the muscle and push it through it’s comfort zone. Oh, and do not forget apply progressive overload and force them to grow with more weight!

More Calories

Once you have increased frequency and volume, asses calories. You may think you are in a surplus but to grow you really need to be. Ask yourself the questions has my weight and muscle measurements increased? If not, it’s time to increase cals. If yes, maybe we have to asses form and see if you’re stimulating the muscle correctly.


Muscle not growing? Ok, how long have you been consistent? If it’s less than 8-12 weeks hang on in there. Results take time. If you’re eating right, recovering well, being consistent with your training and you’re applying everything in this email you will see results!


Muscles don’t just grow in the gym. They grow when you are recovering. Make sure you’re taking rest days, eating enough calories, sleeping enough, and not beating yourself up thinking more = more. Sometimes, less = more.