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Working out with Toby has been a dream! He has the best energy ever and he makes working out fun and exciting. He makes me look forward to training and brightens up my day. He is also one of the most professional people I’ve ever trained with. He’s always early and dedicated throughout the entire session. I was able to achieve the best transformation I’ve ever experienced while working out with him. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to take their fitness and wellness to another level!

Mona Kattan

Toby helped me reach my body image goals . He has been training me over two years not only focusing on the muscle growth but more on my mindset, mind-muscle connection , supplementation and nutrition . I had certain body goals in my mind and I wouldn’t think twice before telling them to Toby, as we developed with time good trusting relationship. I am grateful for the effort he put that was followed by clear changes in the way I think and look.


Training with Toby was one of the most life-changing and positive experiences of my life. He was able to show me that my body was capable of, not only, doing the things I dreamed of it doing and getting where I wanted to get but that it didn’t need to take 10 years to get there. The training is spot on, but the person Toby is, makes me look forward to training no matter how early or how late in the day. I owe this man a lot and recommend him highly.

Zeeko Zaki

Before I started training with Toby I had never trained with a PT before and had not looked after my nutrition & training for a few years so knowing where to start can be difficult & sometimes intimidating. From the first session with Toby, my mindset was completely changed. Not only did I learn discipline and how to ensure my body was being looked after physically, my mental focus and health was transformed. With Toby, the whole experience was enjoyable, I looked forward to training, I trusted him completely, and I saw real results. I wanted to train more, and I felt really motivated as everything was catered to me and my individual goals. The nutritional plans provided by Toby were adapted to my personal lifestyle and my specific needs, along with no judgement and acceptance that everyone is unique and are on different health journeys. I cannot recommend him enough, really has changed my life for the better!

Sinead Finn