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Training with Toby was one of the best decisions I ever made. I started training in 2018 with zero knowledge about the whole field. He didn’t just train me but he also educated me throughout the whole journey. Toby was super patient with me and at the same time he knew when to push me. He honestly transferred his passion by making me love training and enjoy the whole process.

Amjad A

Toby helped to keep me on track and moving forward towards new levels of achievement. Having someone to keep me accountable makes such a difference. Toby helps me know the difference between weaknesses you need to fix and those that need less work to bring up a balanced physique. Toby knows his stuff 100% and is one of the best in my opinion.

Aaron Chalmers

Toby is without a doubt the best coach out there. He Iistens to you and your goals unlike many others out there, having been through a series of coaches prior to being coached by Toby- his attention to detail and you as a client is second to none.

He has a thorough process where he really gets to know you and your goals and he’s literally there with you every step of the way- no task is too big or too small, all concerns and worries are listened to and he always pushes you to do your best- most importantly, he genuinely cares.

Cannot fault this gentleman!

Laura Hinds

Toby is the kindest, yet kick ass trainer you could ask for. He won’t let you fail on your pursuit of physical fitness. With a structured workout routine and a tight nutrition plan, Toby’s training changed my life. Not only did I see the physical results I was after, but I also became a proper gym rat. These are results that last a lifetime, not a crash diet. I will forever be grateful for Toby Richards Training!

Cascina Caradonna